Watercolor Fourth of July Popsicle Fabric

It's been awhile since my last post, but I've been so busy with finishing up the school year with my kids. Thank goodness it's almost over!! I've also been squeezing in a little time to work on watercolor painting and I'm loving it! I really love painting loose florals but I played around with creating some popsicles for a cute summer fabric and it turned into a 4th of July fabric. I think it would be adorable made into children's clothing and accessories! It's available in my Spoonflower shop now in regular and mini size scale for a variety of sewing projects. Be sure to tag me in your social media posts if you create something from it. I'd love to share it!


Mudcloth Floral, My First Pattern Collection

A couple months ago I decided to begin my adventure into surface design. Since closing my baby shoe business I've been yearning for a creative outlet. As I pondered on what I enjoyed most about my shoe business, it became clear that what I loved the most was the creative process of choosing themes, fabrics, coordinating them and creating the presentation. What I disliked was the daily grind of running a business with physical products to deal with. I never set out to have a baby shoe business. It just kind of snowballed from making shoes for my baby and others wanting them too. The popularity came fast and furious on Instagram and before I knew it I had a full fledged thriving business on my hands. It simply got to be too overwhelming between raising three kids, homeschooling, and the daily grind. But I loved it, I loved the community, and I loved the connections I made through social media. Now I'm excited to be back in the creative community again with something new to offer and to hopefully work alongside some of the small businesses I've supported in the past and that supported me. At this moment I'm not moving ahead too quickly because I still have so much to learn about surface design, the business, and I want to give myself time to find my unique style. But for now I'll be offering my designs on Spoonflower and slowly adding them to Society6. So here is my first collection, Mudcloth Floral. It brings a combination of tropical florals, and flowing leaves mixed in with mudcloth elements. I hope you love them as much a I loved creating them!

Mudcloth Floral On White available on Spoonflower here: www.spoonflower.com/profiles/sahndamarie

Fabric Proofing Samples

My work space and sketchbook

Thank you for all your support and kindness!

Fall Dipped Apple Slices

Fall is here and it's time for making all the yummy treats! 

My youngest and I recently made these delicious chocolate dipped apple slices drizzled with caramel and white chocolate. They were very quick and easy to make. I found this recipe on Pinterest by Domestically Blissful. The original recipe provided some really good tips. Especially about not dipping the slices directly into the caramel. I still tried it and of course the caramel slid right off the apple slices.

The Candiquik chocolate was perfect for dipping because it comes in a microwavable tray and it adheres to the apple slices perfectly. I chose peanuts, oreo cookies, caramel, and white chocolate for the toppings.

Here my daughter is crushing the oreo cookies which was her favorite part. We also crushed the peanuts. Putting them inside ziploc bags makes it mess free and she gets to help! Win, win!

Apple slices cut into 1/4 inch slices. Use a knife to make a slit for the popsicle sticks. Then gently push the sticks in.

Next, dip them into the chocolate and place onto wax paper to harden. This happens quickly with the Candiquik.

Drizzle with some caramel and add your toppings. Then add some more caramel and white chocolate drizzle over the toppings. This helps to keep the toppings in place and who couldn't use more caramel anyways?!

Let sit for a little bit and then indulge yourself! And share if you'd like 😋 Enjoy!


Whitewashed Fireplace

Here are the before and after photos of my fireplace after whitewashing it.  I used equal parts water and white paint, although I did end up adding a tad extra water because it was a little heavy.  I used a small brush to get in between the bricks and a larger brush for everything else.  I painted and then sponged the excess off with scrunched up paper towels until I got the effect I desired.  For the second coat I dabbed the areas that still looked a little red.  Your technique will develop as you work so don't worry if at first it seems awkward or if it doesn't look just right.  It will begin to come together the more you work on it.  That's it!  Easy peasy and love the results!  

Before-the white splotches are from previous renovations

First coat half done

With one coat

Finished product with two coats

WildLust Wicks Candles

If you haven't heard of WildLust Wicks candles yet you are in for a treat!  I recently tried out scents Figalicious and Encourage-Mint and they are amazing!  I like that the scents aren't overpowering, but yet they still make the room smell wonderful.  Made from natural soy wax and hand poured into copper containers they not only make your room smell good, but they look great too!  You can order WildLust Wicks candles at wildlustwicks.com.  Also be sure to follow them on Instagram under Wildlustwicks.

Daylin Skye Handbags

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite handcrafted handbag designers.  Amber, of Daylin Skye, is a true talent and her vegan friendly handbags are gorgeous!  After a six month hiatus she has returned with her spring/summer collection that features soft luxurious vegan materials in an array of delightful colors, metal hardware accents, and her signature bows and flower details.  As an added bonus Amber is giving my readers a special discount of 15% off by using code WILDWOOD15 during checkout!  Discount is good for today only at www.daylinskye.com beginning at noon PST.

These pouches are perfect for carrying your phone, cards and other small items.  You can carry them on their own or they can fit right into your larger handbags and diaper bags!  Perfect for moms on the go like myself.  

Be sure to visit www.daylinskye.com today and be sure to use code WILDWOOD15 during checkout to save 15%!  You can also find Amber on Instagram under DaylinSkye.